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Cesefor, Spain

CESEFOR is a private non-profit Foundation founded in Castile and León (Spain) in January 2003. It’s a services provider for the promotion of forestry and forest-based industries with a national and international remit. The Foundation contributes to the regional development, competitiveness and sustainability of the forestry industries that use regional forest resources. In order to do this, Cesefor brings together a range of services: capacity building, consultancy and training. Cesefor employs almost 50 people (45% women and 55% men). The average age is 40. It is a multidisciplinary team, 90% of whose staff is highly qualified. Cesefor has an extensive experience in the development of R&D&I projects, especially focused on the development of new wood products and the improvement of their manufacturing processes, in the construction sector. Cesefor is present in several EU Networks and also highly experienced in communication & dissemination: graphic design, web page development and management, social media, event planning and organization, newsletters and media work. Cesefor publishes IndForma: a leading e-newsletter of the Spanish forest sector. Cesefor is a full member of the European Forest Institute; member of the Secretariat of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network; member of the IUFRO Network and part of the Steering Committee of the ERIAFF Network and of the FAO SilvaMed’s Collaborative Partnership for the Mediterranean Forest.


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